Summer time

Summer brings great benefits to our health: it improves our mood, we reduce stress and prevent infections by eliminating toxins through sweat.

To get the best out of it and that our body does not suffer the effects of heat (swollen legs, fatigue, poor digestion, sunburn, etc.) we must acquire a series of healthy habits so that it continues to function properly:

- Hydration: drink a minimum of 2L. of water per day, to maintain good hydration in our body

-Healthy eating: with seasonal fruits and vegetables, avoiding copious meals that cause poor digestion and heartburn.

-Sun protection: to protect us from the harmful effects of the sun on our skin.

- Sunglasses: that protect us from the sun's rays with a suitable filter.

-Comfortable clothing: that allows us a good evacuation of sweat and good blood circulation.

With the appropriate health measures, summer is a good time to enjoy free time and recharge your batteries for upcoming seasons.

Happy summer !!

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