Eleuteroshock Bio. Hair lotion.

Eleuteroshock Bio
Eleuteroshock Bio is an anti- hair loss hair lotion formulated with a bioactive ingredient from medicinal plants. Its natural ingredients strengthen hair, providing vitality and stimulating its growth. Eluteroshock Bio's certification as a vegan product by Bio.inspecta and V-Label guarantees that its ingredients are natural, ecological and vegan.
The active principles of which it is composed are:
Eleutherococcus root (also called Siberian ginseng, it is rich in glycosides, fatty acids and represents a true treatment for the hair: it provides a vaso-dilation process, accelerates cell renewal and hair regeneration)
Coltsfoot (regenerating effect on brittle hair)
· Quinine (has vasodilator properties and causes hemodynamic changes in the terminal cutaneous irrigation)
· Aloe vera (rejuvenates hair, provides elasticity and prevents breakage. Highly moisturizing and sebum-regulating)
Aquilaea (antibacterial, tonic and astringent action)
Mugwort (stimulates blood circulation of the scalp)
Rosemary (dilating vessel, stimulates irrigation in the hair follicles and allows them to be properly nourished, thus reducing hair loss while stimulating its growth)
Asian skullcap (provides strength and vigor)
· Wheat germ (its proteins strengthen hair fibers and follicles. Thus, they prevent breakage, excess dryness and other alterations that influence hair loss)
Brewer's yeast (vitamin contribution, especially from the group of B vitamins, which favors the growth of our hair)
Lavender (balances the pH of the scalp and cleans deeply, reducing oiliness, and helping to combat dandruff)
Soy (excellent moisturizer, soy isoflavones fight alopecia)
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