PLANTAPOL SL Sponsor of the XV IRCOI Congress (International Association for Research on Organic Cell Regeneration and Immunotherapy)

On September 17 and 18 it was held in Zaragoza, with the sponsorship of PLANTAPOL, the XV IRCOI congress , which brought together 45 health professionals in different specialties.

The meeting was a real success in terms of information exchange and collaboration among all attendees.

Every year more professionals join the Research project on Organic Cell Regeneration and Immunotherapy (IRCOI), where the advances made in the field of health are exposed.

The technical team of the PLANTAPOL laboratories and the IRCOI Scientific Committee work closely in R & D & i, studying and formulating compositions that provide a benefit in the field of health.


Saturday 17 September

  • Oxybiotic Nutrition
  • Fungi: Mechanism of action on the organism; Immunomodulatory action and pathologies that can be applied.
  • Probiotics in mental, autoimmune and degenerative diseases
  • Multiple reflex iridology

Sunday September 18

  • Vibrational Psychosomatics
  • Clinical experiences

"Our commitment is to support and collaborate in all investigations whose purpose is to improve the quality of life of people; promote and prevent health in a natural and responsible way."


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